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Make Your Own College Football Play Call Cards

  • Football November 30, 2017

    College football play card signs serve 2 main purposes. The first, they enable players to digest complex play calls at higher speeds (by breaking things up into simple and memorable symbols). This means that they can speed up the offense. The second thing they do is make excellent social media posts. We’ve handpicked some of our favourite play card sign social media posts and broken the subjects of them into 4 categories. After that – we devised a way for you to make your very own play card sign!


    1. Cartoon Characters

    From Arthur to to Loonie Toons to Spiderman to Family Guy, cartoon characters and symbols are a common site on play card signs.



    2. Music, Movies & TV

    Movie stars, rappers, comedians and singers – if you’re kind of a big deal, you might make it onto a college football play card sign.


    3. Social Media, Memes & Emojis

    Everybody’s got their go-to emojis. Same applies for college football teams. 💯


    4. Other sports teams, coaches and players

     It’s gotten to the point that they sometimes troll the opposing team’s coaches by including them in their play card signs – that’s awesome!


    Now it’s time to make your own…

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