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The making of a Legend!​

  • General February 1, 2014

    When trying to think of a first blog post I though what better place to start than the beginning of Legend Rings.

    The final whistle blew and our football team had just won it’s 3rd championship in five year. This one was particularly special because it was Division 1, against the toughest opponents and we were the best. As a team we discussed how we were going to celebrate our newfound glory. Hoodies? T-Shirts? A Party? I suggested something different; A Custom Championship Ring just like the pros would get. I offered to do all the legwork and find out the cost, designs and timeframe. The team agreed and I began doing my research. What I found were only a few companies that would do championship rings and when they would they were expensive, definitely not in our budget! At that point I decided to seek out my own jeweler to see if he was able to create what we wanted at an affordable price. That decision was the start of something beautiful, Legend Rings.

    A few months down the road we met with our team to present the championship rings. The reaction was priceless, grown men taking pictures of the ring on their finger, showing them off to everyone at the restaurant and even a few tears were shed. When I wear my ring it takes me back to that moment of victory, how hard we fought that season and the lifelong friendships I’ve made with the men I fought with to win. My ring means a lot to me. In fact, we have a saying around here: It’s not the metal and jewels that form them. It’s the experience, the memories, the team and a true symbol of being a champion. I couldn’t agree more.

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